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Netskope Threat Protection
for the Cloud

Decode and inspect traffic that other security solutions cannot, such as unmanaged cloud services, sync clients, mobile apps, and TLS-encrypted cloud services and web sites. Prevent threats that too often evade existing security solutions, such as the use of rogue account instances for cloud phishing.

Threat protection for next generation gateways

Netskope decodes cloud and web traffic legacy defenses miss to protect against cloud-enabled threats and new cloud kill chain vectors. The next generation of secure web gateways unifies multiple threat protection defenses that are cloud-aware and cloud-smart with cloud performance and scale.

Cloud and Threat Report: August 2020 Edition

Remote Work @ Risk


The August 2020 Edition of the Cloud and Threat Report spotlights how the abrupt shift to remote work led to a massive change in user behavior. These user behaviors include the adoption of new cloud applications, and the increasingly blurry lines between work and personal life. With these changes in mind, key findings identified risk scenarios, such as the growing personal use of managed devices and the use of questionable applications that places enterprise data at risk.


Get the Netskope Cloud and Threat Report so you can effectively protect your business and get your security program up to speed.

Netskope Threat Labs Report

Common use cases for threat protection


Malware prevention

Inspect managed cloud services and inline cloud and website traffic and stop malware by quarantining and replacing suspicious files with inert tombstone files or blocking inline downloads.


Advanced threat protection

Leverage three options for prevention, detection, and advanced AI/ML-based threat analysis with the Netskope Security Cloud to ensure defenses match your needs.


Detect behavior anomalies

Take advantage of user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) to baseline your users’ normal activities and detect anomalies, in real time, including within peer groups.


Prevent cloud phishing

Prevent cloud phishing and cloud-enabled threats with granular policy controls that enable company and personal instances, while blocking rogue account instances, payloads, and data exfiltration.


Detect insider threats

Detect insider threats with rich policy context, DLP for content, and behavior analysis for anomalous activity for cloud services and apps.


Machine learning anomalies

Leverage machine learning to detect anomalies across large sets of metadata rich with context for cloud services, apps and web traffic.

Are your defenses blind to cloud-enabled threats?

Attackers are adopting cloud services across all kill chain stages to evade legacy defenses and leverage user trust for cloud services and apps.


In this eGuide you’ll learn about:

  • The shocking growth of cloud app traffic
  • New cloud kill chain vectors and gaps in security defenses
  • The risks of inaction to data and brand reputation
  • New solutions that overcome new challenges

It’s a cloud and mobile usage world today and if you’re not thinking about that from a threat propagation point of view, you’re flying blind. At the core of our CASB project was solving this side of the cloud enablement equation and Netskope gives us that power.

—CISO, Leading High-Tech Company

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Shift your threat prevention to the cloud, for the cloud


Enterprise users are in the cloud

source: Netskope Cloud and Threat Report, 2020

Threats are cloud enabled

source: Netskope Cloud and Threat Report, 2020

Reimagine your perimeter.