Advanced threat protection for SaaS, IaaS, and web

Stop elusive threats with multi-layered defenses

Stop elusive attacks

The growing use of SaaS apps and IaaS services makes the cloud an attractive target for attackers, and the web has long been a prime vector to spread malware and carry out other malicious activity. Netskope is the only cloud security platform with comprehensive, advanced threat protection across SaaS, IaaS, and the web, combining a unique cloud-native security service with multi-layered threat detection and remediation capabilities. Netskope sees traffic that other security solutions do not, such as traffic to SSL-encrypted websites and cloud services, and provides deep analysis to detect evasive, zero-day threats.

Backed by Netskope Threat Research Labs, a dedicated team focused on the discovery and analysis of new cloud and web threats, drawing from 40+ threat intelligence sources, and using advanced machine learning technology, Netskope provides multiple layers of threat detection and a range of remediation options to address advanced threats, which too often evade legacy security solutions.

Key Benefits

See threats

Netskope sees the cloud and web in ways that legacy security solutions cannot. With the ability to inspect SSL-encrypted websites and cloud services, traffic from sync clients and mobile apps, and files stored in your sanctioned cloud services, Netskope opens your eyes to threats that hide from your existing security tools.

  • See traffic from all websites and cloud services
  • Gain visibility whether users are on premises or remote
  • Cover browsers, mobile apps, and sync clients
  • Understand threats in context of user, device, location, and more
Deep defenses

Cyber threats come in many forms and evolve rapidly, from quick-hitting ransomware and stealthy Trojans to advanced persistent threats. With both the cloud and web being common vectors for these threats, you need multi-layered, dynamic threat protection for the cloud and web to help you stay ahead.

Rapid response

Your threat response needs to move faster than ever to keep pace with the speed of new attacks. Netskope enables you to take immediate, automated action on known or suspected threats as well as thoroughly analyze and quickly remediate new cloud and web threats. Moreover, we arm the rest of your security infrastructure with cloud threat intelligence through third-party integrations.

  • Block or quarantine threats in real time
  • Use detailed cloud and web context for forensic investigations
  • Remediate directly in key cloud services to stop and even reverse threats
  • Integrate with other security tools to share cloud intelligence and coordinate defenses

Netskope threat protection in action

Learn how Netskope protects you from cloud and web threats such as malware and ransomware.

In this video, we show you how you can inspect SaaS, IaaS, and web for a broad range of malware, and take immediate action to protect against and remediate an infection.

Top Use Cases

Find malware

Inspect your sanctioned cloud services, such as Office 365 and Box, for malware. In addition, provide more comprehensive threat protection for your users by inspecting real-time activities – such as uploads and downloads – across the cloud and web for malware using multiple layers of detection.

Protect against malicious websites

Use a combination of proprietary threat intelligence from Netskope Threat Research Labs and external domain reputation sources to identify and block traffic to malicious websites.

Detect anomalies

Take advantage of advanced user behavior analytics and machine learning to baseline your users’ normal activities and detect anomalies in real time. Detect unusual data movement and user activity, compromised credentials, and excessive data movement that could indicate internal or external threats to your environment.

Reverse spread of malware

Stop the rapid propagation of malware infections that take advantage of sync and share functionality in your cloud services. Quarantine and replace suspicious files with an inert tombstone file and then allow sync to reverse the spread.

Recover from ransomware

Quickly detect the spread of ransomware in your sanctioned cloud services. Take advantage of an automated workflow that uses the built-in versioning capabilities in your sanctioned cloud service to restore files to earlier, unaffected versions.

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Netskope Advanced Threat Protection — data sheet

Learn how Netskope Advanced Threat Protection performs deep analysis to detect and prevent evasive, zero-day threats from the cloud and web.

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Netskope Threat Research Labs

Netskope Threat Research Labs consists of security researchers and engineers with years of experience at leading security companies. Learn more about the Netskope Threat Research Labs team and keep updated on the evolving threat landscape with information on strains of ransomware, latest cloud threats, and more.

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