News & Announcements Improving Insights in GCP
Nov 22 2019

Improving Insights in GCP

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of the security alerts being generated today; from simple notifications to full blown incidents. In an effort to help quell the noise, Netskope has partnered with Google to ingest, parse, and search security alerts inside of Google’s Cloud Security Command Center. This singular view provides better context less operational overhead.

This new Netskope connector is not only straightforward to deploy, but provides insights into customer interactions with all facets of Google G-Suite, Google Drive, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) applications and infrastructure solutions.In an effort to reduce operational friction and time to use, the connector is deployed as a docker image which runs inside of a GCP project. The docker container has also been optimized such that it can run in GCP’s smallest compute footprint providing additional cost savings. 

Neil King, Product Management lead for IaaS at Netskope, added, “Insights like these help our customers understand the full scope of their enterprise’s interaction with the full suite of Google’s products across a wide spectrum of architectures.”

Once deployed, the connector retrieves alert information associated with users’ interactions within Google G Suite and GCP, as well as highlights discoveries from Netskope’s Continuous Security Assessment. These results can be filtered using the same search syntax used inside the Netskope UI, enabling granular sorting and contextual searching on individual projects, users, or resources, for example. 

Billy Bond, Vice-President of Business Development at Netskope, commented, “This integration demonstrates Netskope’s commitment to the IaaS paradigm of delivering valuable insights to customers in and about the cloud environments they increasingly use. We are proud to partner with Google.”