Cloud and web usage can bypass traditional controls

Gain complete visibility into all cloud and web usage

Common cloud and web blind spots

As you consider a CASB for your organization, it’s important to understand the limitations of different architectures. Depending on where your users are, what cloud services and websites they are using, and how they are accessing the cloud and web, you may need to consider multiple options to provide full visibility and control of your organization’s cloud and web usage.

Netskope offers the industry’s only all-mode architecture that covers any use case, providing patented traffic steering technology to ensure that you get 100 percent coverage for your users. Whether they are accessing sanctioned or unsanctioned cloud services, whether they are accessing any website, whether they are on premises or remote, and whether they are using a browser, sync client, or mobile app, Netskope offers flexible traffic steering options to cover every possible access method and use case.

Key Features

Full visibility

Gain full visibility of your cloud and web usage with an all-mode architecture capable of covering all cloud and web traffic whether your users are on premises or remote, using a web browser, mobile app, or sync client.

  • See traffic from sanctioned or unsanctioned cloud services
  • Gain visibility whether users are on premises or remote
  • Cover browsers, sync clients, and mobile apps
Deep context

Netskope gives you a deep understanding of your organization’s cloud and web usage. You can view details such as user, device, location, service, activity, and data, and accurately assess risk with a deeper understanding of your users’ activities in the cloud.

  • Understand usage by identity,service, activity, and data
  • Focus policies on specific risky activities
Granular control

Only Netskope gives you granular visibility and control over all or your cloud services. Rather than take a coarse-grained approach by blocking services, set your security policies based on identity,service, activity, and data. Choose from actions such as block, alert, bypass, encrypt, quarantine, and coach for policy enforcement.

  • Enforce policies across all cloud services based on identity,service, activity, and data
  • Protect sensitive data with advanced cloud DLP
  • Mix and match policy elements to carve out risk without blocking services

The Netskope architectural advantage

See Netskope’s unique ability to cover all cloud service traffic

In this demo video, you’ll see an example of how Netskope’s architectural advantage provides you with complete visibility and control of cloud service usage – whether your users are accessing a cloud service from a browser, sync client, mobile app, or even an ecosystem service sharing data with one of your sanctioned cloud services.


Remote and mobile users

The cloud and web are designed for anytime, anywhere access, and your users love their mobile devices. So it’s not surprising that more than half of all cloud and web usage comes from beyond the corporate network, often from a mobile device. Comprehensive cloud security requires visibility and control of your remote and mobile users, across all of the devices they use.

Sync clients and mobile apps

Cloud access is not just coming from web browsers. Many users take advantage of easy-to-use sync clients and mobile apps to quickly access cloud services across multiple devices. With more than half of cloud usage coming from sync clients and mobile apps, your cloud security is incomplete without visibility into these access methods.

Service ecosystems

Although you may be focused on your sanctioned cloud services, it’s also important to pay attention to the ecosystem of cloud services that can connect to your sanctioned ones. Netskope has found that the average “anchor tenant” cloud service has more than 20 ecosystem services linked to it. As you define policies for your sanctioned cloud services, you also need to consider the broader service ecosystem.

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