13.6 percent of enterprise users have had their account credentials compromised

Get the latest cloud app security trends in the industry’s only report that examines what’s happening in the cloud right now, where organizations’ real risks lie, and help IT and security professionals know where to focus their attention.

A key area of focus for the latest Netskope Cloud Report is malware in the cloud. Report highlights include:

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  • 4.1 percent of enterprises have sanctioned cloud apps that are laced with malware such as worms and trojans.
  • Because cloud apps make it easy for users to sync and share, malware can travel more rapidly than traditional malware, creating an attack
  • Sanctioned cloud apps typically represent less than five per cent of an enterprise’s cloud app footprint, suggesting that cloud-based malware is more widespread.

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Cloud and Threat Report:
August 2020 Edition

  • 64% of workers are now remote, a 148% increase with the pandemic 
  • 161% increase in visits to high-risk apps and sites  
  • 600% increase in traffic visits to adult content 
  • 97% increase for personal use of managed devices
  • 80% increase in the use of collaboration apps
  • Cloud-based malware delivery (vs web) increased to 63% 


of workers are now working remote


increase since the start of the pandemic


The August 2020 Edition of the Netskope Cloud and Threat Report reveals a massive shift in user behavior, specifically the trend of personal use of managed devices, and the increased risk that comes with this shift.

 These user behaviors include the adoption of new cloud applications, and the increasingly blurry lines between work and personal life. Get the latest Netskope Cloud and Threat report so you can effectively protect your business and get your security program up to speed.