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Netskope for Web

The way people work has changed. Driven by the increasing use of cloud services and mobile devices, people now expect to be able to work at any time, from any place, and on any device. These changes are dramatically altering the network and security infrastructure in many organizations. Rather than legacy, hub-and-spoke network architectures, with offices interconnected over costly, dedicated links and remote users accessing centralized resources over VPN, more organizations are moving to a direct-to-web model. In addition, the underlying nature of the web is changing, with static websites giving way to dynamically-generated and personalized web services in addition to an ever-growing collection of cloud services.

To keep pace with these changes, a fundamentally different approach to security is needed. Netskope for Web extends Netskope’s leading cloud security platform to the web, allowing organizations to address these changes head-on with one cloud and web security platform that was designed from the start to streamline security infrastructure and operations for today’s modern enterprise.

Key Features

Direct-to-internet coverage

Networks are dramatically evolving from legacy hub-and-spoke architectures where offices were interconnected over costly, dedicated links and remote users accessed centralized resources over VPN. Netskope enables users to go directly to the web wherever they are.

  • Eliminate cost and performance issues associated with backhauling web traffic — a problem
    created by most legacy secure web gateway vendors
  • Integrated cloud and web security service delivered from globally distributed data centers
  • Typically less than 20ms latency for any user
Unified, cloud-native platform

Built from the start in one cloud, Netskope is the industry’s only unified security platform for SaaS, IaaS, and web. This simplifies overall security management and eliminates policy conflicts. In addition, the elastic, cloud-native platform can scale to support organizations as they grow and their needs change.

  • Streamlines security administration and operations
  • Provides best-of-breed SaaS, IaaS, and web security
  • Delivers wide range of services, including SSL/TLS decryption, at cloud-scale
Advanced web analytics

Netskope Cloud XD provides a more intelligent, user-focused view of cloud and web use. Unlike legacy secure web gateway solutions that generate high volumes of log data with every HTTP transaction, Cloud XD synthesizes and distills web activity into the user site and page visits on which security teams want to focus.

  • Unlike other types of web security, Cloud XD distills web activity into key user activities
  • Real-time analytics provide summary dashboards and reports
  • Can also drill down into more detailed views by user, site, and page
  • Flexible, ad-hoc query engine to mine rich web use data
Threat and data protection

Netskope for Web uses the same advanced threat and data protection capabilities used in Netskope’s award-winning and industry-leading CASB. Netskope Threat Protect provides multi-layered threat protection, including advanced threat detection engines to detect evasive, zero-day threats. Netskope DLP provides highly accurate and comprehensive DLP for both cloud and web.

  • Real-time, full file inspection detects malware and sensitive data
  • Zero-day protection using advanced heuristic analysis and dynamic cloud sandbox
  • Advanced DLP includes fingerprinting, proximity analysis, exact match, and more
Web content filtering

Govern web use and provide a safe experience for users with comprehensive web classification and content filtering. Netskope for Web uses a best-in-class URL database, a dedicated in-house web and cloud application research team, and machine-learning-based content analysis to classify uncategorized URLs.

  • Classification supports acceptable use policies
  • 99.9% of active web traffic coverage
  • Real-time updates of newly categorized URLs

Netskope Threat Protection for Web in action

Learn how Netskope provides multi-layered threat protection for cloud and web.

In this video, we show you how Netskope Threat Protection applies multiple layers of threat protection, including advanced heuristic analysis and a cloud sandbox, to protect against advanced malware and other threats.

Top Use Cases


What is web security if it doesn’t enable your users to go direct-to-cloud and direct-to-web while keeping them secure and compliant? Eliminate costly, dedicated links between locations and improve performance for remote locations and users.

Unified Policies

Simplify overall security management and avoid policy conflicts by unifying advanced web security with industry-leading SaaS and IaaS security from Netskope.

Intelligent View

Get a more intelligent view of web use with Netskope Cloud XD, which synthesizes and distills web activity into the user site and page visits on which security teams want to focus.

Advanced Threats

Detect evasive, zero-day threats with multi-layered threat protection, including advanced heuristic analysis and dynamic sandbox analysis, and take advantage of threat intelligence from Netskope Threat Research Labs.

Acceptable Use Policies

Govern web use and provide a safe experience for your users with comprehensive web classification and content filtering, a best-in-class URL database and real-time updates for newly classified URLs.

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