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With all of the cloud services and websites that have sharing and collaboration built in, consider how easy it is for an “insider,” such as someone in Investor Relations, to upload non-public financials to Dropbox, or a bio-pharma researcher to upload clinical trials data to a cloud big data tool, or someone in HR to sync employee data in Box. In order to address the ever-growing cloud data governance problem, organizations need a SaaS, IaaS, and web DLP solution that understands cloud services and websites at a very granular level, works in an accurate and efficient manner, can be applied to sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services, and takes into consideration the context surrounding cloud and web access such as the user, the device (whether mobile or desktop, as well as its classification and other attributes), the location, the activity, and the content that is being uploaded.

Netskope DLP helps you protect sensitive company data from loss and exposure. It is the most advanced in the industry with capabilities including 3,000+ data identifiers, support for more than 1,000 file types, custom regular expressions, proximity analysis, international support using double-byte characters, fingerprinting, OCR, and exact match. Netskope uses context to narrow down the content we detect, reduce false positives, and increase detection accuracy.

Netskope DLP tools make your data protection strategy more efficient with critical workflows like quarantine and legal hold, and our solution features the most elegant integration with your on-premises DLP software, performing a first pass in the cloud and then funneling suspected violations to your on-premises solution via secure ICAP.


Key Features

Comprehensive DLP

Netskope DLP protects sensitive data in the cloud with accuracy and precision, with the ability to inspect all sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services and websites. Sensitive content is detected across more than 1,000 file types and across structured and unstructured data, using 3,000+ data identifiers, metadata extraction, proximity analysis, fingerprinting, exact match, OCR, and more.

  • Control sensitive data in and en route to and from all cloud services and websites
  • Get the highest degree of accuracy with fingerprinting and exact match
  • Further increase accuracy with keyword dictionaries, global data identifiers, and more
  • Target DLP policies using context like user, group, device, service, and activity
Full visibility

Detect DLP violations in your cloud services and websites with an all-mode architecture capable of covering all cloud and web traffic whether your users are on premises or remote, using a web browser, mobile app, or sync client. This includes discovering sensitive data at rest in sanctioned cloud services and en route to and from all websites and services, sanctioned or unsanctioned.

  • Detect DLP violations in sanctioned or unsanctioned services
  • Gain visibility whether users are on premises or remote, using browsers, sync clients, or mobile apps
  • Go beyond content by inspecting metadata, hidden fields, and comments
  • Find violations in structured and unstructured data in webmail, social media posts, and instant messages
Incident management

Respond quickly and thoroughly to cloud and web policy violations. Take advantage of Netskope incident management for end-to-end workflows. Perform forensic analysis with comprehensive, deep activity audit trails. Assign owners, track progress, and mark as resolved.

  • Closed-loop administrative and remediation workflows
  • Detailed forensics for a comprehensive view of alerts
  • Event-by-event activity audit trail
  • Customizable role-based access controls
DLP integration

Netskope DLP integrates with your on-premises DLP so you get the most out of your existing investment. You have the choice of detecting data violations and enforcing controls entirely in the cloud or funneling cloud violations to your on-premises DLP and incident management systems via secure ICAP and our REST API.

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Top Use Cases


Whether you need to comply with mandates such as HIPAA, GDPR, GLBA, PCI, or another regimen, Netskope has you covered so you can pass audits and avoid fines. With Netskope DLP, you can construct activity audit trails, create summary compliance reports, protect sensitive data with strong encryption, and manage data incidents.

Prevent data loss

Netskope provides a unique vantage point across all of your cloud services and websites to help you detect data movement that could signal a data exfiltration attempt by an insider. Netskope anomaly detection combined with our DLP capabilities can correlate the download of sensitive data from a sanctioned cloud service like Salesforce or Box with the upload of the same data to a personal cloud service.

Secure data

Uncover sensitive content using predefined (or custom) profiles for payment card industry data (PCI), protected health information (PHI), and many more. Protect with automated workflows to block, quarantine, or encrypt your data. With Netskope DLP, you can identify and secure all sensitive data in the cloud, whether it’s in transit to and from a cloud service or websites or already resident in a sanctioned cloud service like Box or Office 365 OneDrive.

Data visibility

Whether it’s to satisfy auditing requirements, compliance, or just corporate security policies, it’s important to understand where your most sensitive data is flowing and how it’s being used. Netskope gives you a comprehensive understanding of not only all cloud and web activity, regardless of device, network, or location, but also allows you to identify all sensitive data flowing in the cloud and web and detect DLP violations with an all-mode architecture capable of covering all traffic whether users are on-premises or remote or on a web browser, mobile app, or sync client. This includes discovering sensitive data at rest in sanctioned services and en route to and from all websites and cloud services, sanctioned or unsanctioned.

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Learn how to implement cloud DLP in your environment. The Netskope DLP reference architecture is designed to help IT and security professionals understand DLP implementation best practices, including integration with your on-premises DLP solution.

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