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Next Generation of Secure Web Gateways

Ensure your secure web gateway (SWG) can decode cloud services and web traffic to deliver the visibility and context you need to enforce granular policy controls that protect your data and operations. 

Decoding cloud traffic redefines web gateways

Make sure you can identify different account instances, so you can prevent company and personal accounts being used to exfiltrate or leak sensitive data. It is also critical to be able to block rogue instances, which are often used in cloud phishing and payload delivery attacks.  

Upgrade to the Cloud, for the Cloud


Achieve visibility and control

Achieve unmatched inline visibility and control over web traffic, including thousands of managed and unmanaged cloud services and apps. 

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Prevent advanced threats

Use multi-layer defenses to prevent and detect a wide variety of threats leveraging cloud services and apps for multi-stage delivery that most defenses miss. 

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Protect sensitive data

Use advanced data loss prevention (DLP) rules and policies to prevent data exposure and leaks across cloud services, apps, and web traffic.

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Gain valuable, time saving insights

Get exactly what your security teams need for their investigations with Cloud XDTM, which delivers advanced web analytics and reporting on your web activity.

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Get direct-to-internet coverage

Provide direct-to-Internet access for remote offices with IPsec and GRE tunnels, plus for remote and mobile users.

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Inspect SSL/TLS at cloud scale

Use elastic on-demand cloud resources to inspect encrypted traffic at scale.

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With Netskope, we now have an integrated proxy for cloud and web along with a unified policy engine to simplify our security program and streamline administration and operations.

—Jerry Sto. Tomas, Chief Information Security Officer, Apria Healthcare

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